Yvonne Okwara was recently put on the spot by a ‘fan’ who asked when she was giving birth.

This inappropriate question was triggered by a tweet that she sent out empathizing with Sharon Otieno’s mother who wept uncontrollably in court as Migori Governor Obado was charged with the chilling murder of her daughter.


“The pain of a mother losing her child in a most brutal manner! I cannot even fathom her pain! Sharon Otieno’s mother in court this morning where Gov. Obado is facing murder charges!” Yvonne tweeted.

A tweet that triggered a number of inappropriate questions/comments about when she was going to give birth.

And Yvonne responded with “Let me refer you both to the AUTHORITY on this matter. His name is GOD. He listens to all, the chief scrutinisers like you and the humble sinners like myself. Let’s see if He will reveal to you holy ones the secrets of my womb!”

A response that had the rude respondent write “Hehehe take your feelings out of my TL. it’s time we sober&amp (sic), have the barrenness topic.’ And Yvonne wrote back “You’d like to have a ‘sober’ debate on matters of my womb?  OK.  Let’s go.  Let’s hear you out.”

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