Ringtone has remerged with a renewed vigour to find a soul mate for himself.

The gospel artiste recently announced he wanted a partner but he has gone a step further now, with a complete list of qualities he wants.

Perhaps his Tinder is malfunctioning or he is scared of simply approaching women he finds attractive that he meets at malls or wherever his day-to-day activities take him.

But aye, he has decided Instagram will allow him an opportunity to find love.

He took to his account and posted the following:

And as you can see, the qualities he wants in a woman are that she be:


God fearing
Hard working

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And if you or someone you know meets these broad requirements, why not slide into his DMs?

See whether the two are a match made in heaven though I will warn you, after covering him for a few years now, you have / she has to be willing to withstand a large dose of corniness.