Kenyans were on Friday treated to a rare trending topic on Twitter courtesy of two gospel musicians whose ‘dark’ pasts appeared to have caught up with them.

Satan was trending alongside gospel artistes Size 8 and Willy Paul – ironical considering the former personifies evil.

It all began with the revelation that DK Kwenye Beat and HopeKid took advantage of a 20-year-old lady from Nakuru whom they sexually and infected her with a disease.

The alleged encounter happened years back. 

The two musicians admitted to the allegations but said it happened before the ‘children of God’ became born again.

They apologised and blamed it on the devil.

Size 8 came to their rescue after Kenyans on Twitter started bashing them telling them to take responsibility for their actions and to stop blaming the devil.

Taking to her Instagram page, Size 8 called for forgiveness and empathy. 


She wrote, “To DK, Hopekid and the young lady, the devil is the greatest enemy here trying to destroy these three stars with his rubbish, ashindwe in Jesus name.”

Size 8 asked people to stop judging the artistes on their past and instead forgive and show them love.

But KOT insisted on accountability for their actions and to leave Satan alone.

@bonifacemwangi, said, Kenya is a country where honesty is punished; a country where the evil rule.

“Church leaders and Imams will tell you to pray. Prayers are not bad but it’s not satan stealing our money, grabbing our land, raping our children and killing those who speak out. We need to act.”

“People can do as they please then hide behind Satan and forgiveness from God absolves them,” @MonyqueXO said.

All the other responses to the story had people asking that Satan is left out of the blame.

For some reason, Willy Paul made it on the trend alongside Size 8 and Satan even though he wasn’t mentioned by the young lady.

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