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A storm kicked off by a woman claiming to have been sexually abused by two gospel artistes raged on with no signs of abating yesterday, even as an insider told Sunday Nation of many more ugly secrets hidden by Kenyan gospel artistes.

Musicians DK Kwenye Beat and Hope Kid are the talk of town on various platforms following a complaint that surfaced last week from a woman who described how the two lured her into having group sex late last year.

Amid the whirlwind, the Federation of Women Lawyers (Fida) Kenya on Friday announced that it is ready to facilitate legal proceedings against the two artistes, should their purported victim consider pressing charges.

“Fida is reaching out to the young woman to offer legal support. With instructions from her, we will ensure that the perpetrators are arraigned in court. Such heinous crimes do not only warrant an apology but stringent measures. Violence against women must stop. Fida is calling upon (the DPP) to investigate the matter,” it added.

A worse complaint from the woman is her claim that she was infected with a sexually transmitted infection on the second time that DK had his way with her.

While most spectators are shocked that gospel artistes — who should be vanguards of purity and role models — are facing such grave accusations, a former journalist says Kenyans have seen nothing yet.

The writer is currently penning a book about Kenya’s music industry for the past 20 years and the behind-the-scenes scandals.

He told Sunday Nation on Saturday that most of the so-called gospel industry practitioners, from musicians to DJs, are hiding piles of dirt underneath them. 

The writer requested anonymity so as not to jeopardise collection of material for his book. He said he had evidence about two top-grossing male gospel artistes who have made women procure abortions to conceal evidence about siring children out of wedlock.

He also said one gospel artiste was known to host wild parties at his residence in Westlands.

“He used to have parties where he could invite fellow gospel musicians and women. And the parties used to have alcohol, sex parties and all,” said the source.

“Drinking and having orgies is something that has been happening for a very long time among gospel artistes.”

Having told of a gospel artiste who attempted to con his way into acquiring a BMW car without paying and enumerated the names of the artistes who have children out of wedlock, his conclusion was that there are hardly any “pure” gospel artistes in Kenya.

“There are very few good ones. Just listen to your God. Just go to church and talk to your God,” said the writer.

DK and Hope Kid became a trending topic after renowned blogger Arthur Mandela alias Xtian Dela started a channel on Telegram where young people can share burning issues.

It is on that platform that the woman shared her experience, which she said wrecked her life, dignity and health. Her woes started in October 2018 when she started sending messages to a number of celebrities as she sought a chance to appear in their videos as a model.

The woman describes herself as a 20-year-old woman from Nakuru. She claimed that she was first contacted by Hope Kid on social media in November last year and after flirting for some time, she travelled to Nairobi to meet the singer – with plans of having sex.


“Hope Kid agreed to give me his number and this boosted my hope that I was going to get considered for his next video. We spoke officially for a while until we started getting cosy and that’s when he invited me over to Nairobi,” she narrated.

On arrival to Nairobi, she wasn’t picked up as agreed. She alleges that Hope Kid directed her to an estate she was unwilling to disclose to the public.

Hope Kid then picked her up in a black Volkswagen and took her to DK Kwenye Beat’s house in Donholm, Nairobi where she had sex with Hope Kid and DK forcibly joined in.

“He forced himself on me and my screaming went unheeded. I decided to do drugs so as to forget the humiliation. They then called a taxi to drop me off in town but I was feeling used,” she lamented.

DK would later invite her to his house later and since she had got over the first incident, she claims, she accepted to visit. It was all about sex again and this time, she narrated, the “Sarisari” hit maker did not use protection, a move she opposed.

“A week after this incident, I started getting blisters in my private parts,” she wrote.

“I was diagnosed with Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and herpes, a cervical cancer causing virus. DK stopped picking my calls and responding to my texts.”

The two singers did not respond to our requests for comment. And in a response uploaded on social media, DK did not confirm or deny the woman’s allegations that he infected her with a sexually transmitted disease.

The woman went ahead to share photos of her medical reports, saying that she wanted to sound a warning to other young girls to be watchful on whom they trust and not to be so star-struck by celebrities to a point of letting them inflict assault.

In a call between Xtian Dela and DK, the gospel artiste denied knowing the woman, claiming that his name was being tarnished. However, as things grew thicker, he expressed his remorse on social media, owning up to his mistakes.

“I would like first and foremost to repent to God for living a life of sin. I would also wish to apologise to the church fraternity, my family, everyone who consumes my music and anyone who looks up to me. I am not a perfect man,” he stated. 

He went on: “I am a fallen man but one that God is working on every day. I am a changed man from what I was back then. Sadly, this story has come out when I am on my way to complete reformation.”

He then uploaded a video of his gospel counterpart Size 8 taking her through the apology moment and asking her questions of his side of the story.

Hope Kid would later follow suit in making an apology. 

“I write this with a very heavy heart. I have done wrong before God and man. I am truly sorry. I am not a righteous man. I am a young man who has made many mistakes (which I am sorry for). I sincerely apologise to all who have been hurt as a result of my actions. I urge you all to pray for me as I go through this restoration process,” he wrote.

By Elvis Ondieki, George Mwendwa and Hilary Kimuyu.