Willy Paul and Nandy have confirmed that their show in Sumbawanga is still on despite one of their tour bus carrying Nandy’s band overturned at Mikumi area in Tanzania.

The controversial artist revealed that there were no deaths apart from a few people who got injured and rushed to the hospital for quick medical attention.

Willy Paul and Nandy

Even with this, Willy Paul went on to confirm that the show is still on brushing off any rumors claiming that the event has been cancelled.


Choma Na Ngoma

The two have lately been giving many a reason to talk thanks to their recent performance at the Choma Na Ngoma festival that went down this weekend.

So far Nandy and Willy Paul have worked on two projects that have left them inseparable. Judging from the love they are receiving from their fans; it’s evident that this two might turn out to be unstoppable.


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