• Minnesota Vikings defensive end Everson Griffen is reportedly being evaluated at a mental health facility.
  • Griffen had reportedly not been himself over the past few days, prompting the Vikings to ask him to undergo a mental health evaluation.
  • Though no charges were filed, the police got involved on Saturday, after Griffen had an incident at a hotel, and later is said to have jumped out of an ambulance.

Minnesota Vikings defensive end Everson Griffen is reportedly being evaluated and treated at a mental health facility after a bizarre series of events over the past few days, according to the Star Tribune.

On Thursday, Griffen and his agent were informed that he would not be allowed back with the team until he had undergone a mental health evaluation, according to an incident report filed by the Minnetrista Police Department on Saturday that was obtained by Deadspin.

According to the report, Vikings’ executive director of player development Leslie Pico told police that Griffen had been “struggling for the past few weeks” and “explosive, screaming and yelling” at team facilities.

On Saturday, Griffen called Pico, asking to meet him at his house, then later changed the location of the meeting to Hotel Ivy in Minneapolis. Upon Pico’s arrival, Griffen told him he had forgotten why he wanted to talk to him and asked him to leave.

According to a separate incident report, the Minneapolis Police Department were called to Hotel Ivy on Saturday because an individual, later reported being Griffen, had threatened to shoot someone if he wasn’t allowed in his room. When police arrived, Griffen told authorities “I’m leaving” and left the scene with no arrest being made.

From there, Griffen allegedly attempted to break into the home of teammate Trae Waynes, and later found his way to a gas station, where he got into the passenger’s seat of a stranger’s pickup truck. The stranger called Griffen’s wife and took him home.

Police met Griffen at his home. From the police report:

Everson was outside yelling. Officer Thompson and I approached Everson. Officer Thompson and I spoke to Everson. Everson was making comments about “777″ and that he went to Waynes’ house because “God made me do it” and went on to say that there was a sign on the front door saying “welcome fall” so that’s why he went there.


Griffen later agreed to be taken to the hospital, but police were once again needed after he is said to have “got up and jumped out of the ambulance because he was in fear that someone was going to shoot him.” Griffen eventually agreed to get back in the ambulance and was taken to a hospital.

The report noted that because no crime had been committed, no criminal charges would be forthcoming from the incident.

You can read the report in its entirety here.