Nairobi county assembly Majority Whip Chege Mwaura has been elected Speaker in an acting capacity.

MCAs elected him unanimously after two other names, Mary Arivitza and Mary Njambi, were proposed for the seat. However, Njambi withdrew and threw her weight behind Mwaura.

Deputy speaker John Kamangu declared Mwaura the winner unopposed.

MCAs have vowed not to allow embattled Speaker Beatrice Elachi to preside over sittings.

Elachi, who is attending Senate sittings in Uasin Gishu county was impeached on September 6, after 103 MCAs voted to remove her from office.

She, however, obtained a court order stopping her removal pending a court hearing on September 11.

Nasa leader Raila Odinga tried to call the leaders of the Nairobi county assembly to stop the motion against Elachi, but not even that was enough to save her neck.

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At least 84 members were present during the sitting on Tuesday.

Nominee Avisa, who was not in the chamber at the time her name was proposed by Peter Imwatok, later stormed the chamber shouting “who is playing with my name, who is playing with my name”.


Arivitza supports Elachi.  She was whisked out of the chambers by the Sergent-at-arms. The Deputy Speaker ordered that her conduct be handled by the Powers and Privileges Committee. 

Mwaura was later sworn in as the acting Speaker.

The MCAs removed Elachi for causing “great embarrassment” to the county assembly.

In a motion by Waithaka MCA Antony Kiragu, the MCAs accused Elachi of gross misconduct

“Her actions and omissions have caused embarrassment and brought the office of the speaker into disrepute,” he said.

Kiragu spoke when MCAs held a special sitting to discuss Governor Mike Sonko’s conduct and the speaker’s impeachment.

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