Vera Sidika is back on her trollop hunt. She has taken a much-deserved sojourn to the land of a thousand dreams (and sand in-between your toes), Dubai where she has linked up with her fellow trollops but today we are only going to focus on Vera and the thirst trap she has dropped right before she left for Dubai where she and her sisterhood are linking up to parte after parte.

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Vera Sidika paused for a photo perhaps to tease to what will be going down in Dubai or perhaps so her boyfriend, Jimmy Chansa, and the millions of orbiters she has, something to fap to.

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And boy was it a wonderful photo. It is the type of photo that diverts all your blood from your thinking brain in that your coconut. Where does it end up, you ask? Well, why don’t you ask your boyfriend?


Anyway, the photo features her wearing a dress she cannot possibly wear a pair of panties and be dressed in. The internets went crazy with many simps posting their thirsty comments.

Check her out below: