Vacation in a Bubble Hotel

Rock & Sea Resort. PHOTO | COURTESY 

When it comes to experiencing the outdoors, chic bubble tents are the next big thing.

Fast gaining popularity all over the world from Iceland, Australia,Spain, France to Switzerland, Kenya now has its first dome-shaped bubble hotel on the idyllic shores of Watamu.

With the array of glamping options already available for luxury travellers in Kenya, Rock & Sea Resort seeks to kick things up a notch by offering guests a comfortable room in a transparent bubble. The orb allows for the magic of drifting off to slumber under an unobstructed starry sky without having to contend with the flora and fauna of the outdoors.

The concept is actually genius: our room was nestled amongst trees. In the morning, we woke up to the orange glow of a vibrant sunrise, complete with the call of birds as they flitted from one tree to the next.

The spherical bubbles are made from a PVC material which allows for a slight echo as you have conversations in the room.

It has fans that come in handy during the high Watamu temperatures. There is also a large dhow sail that can be rolled out to offer shade over the roof should it get hot. There is an outdoor shower and the indoor toilet is shielded from the outside to allow for privacy.


While our bush bubble suite was secluded, there are also curtains that can be rolled out to shield you from the outside if you are a little paranoid about privacy. But I found that blinders defeat the purpose of living in a transparent bubble.

Rock & Sea has three bubble suites and one is set right on the beach. It has a sandy floor, which makes one feel like they are completely at one with nature and the sea only a few metres away.

The fourth room is Baobab King Suite which is not a tent. It is set in front of a gigantic century-old baobab tree and with an innovative outdoor bathtub curved out of a tree trunk. The resort is one of two properties on the private stretch of beach and to get there, one has to take a speedboat from the mainland.

The gourmet restaurant and well stocked bar is one of the main highlights of the property, a perfect stop for a romantic meal.

Perched on a 55-metre high rock overlooking Mida Creek and the Arabuko Sokoke Forest, it promises a magical dining experience capped off with a menu offering a fusion of Italian, Japanese and South American cuisine.

An array of seafood and fresh vegetables are a staple at the bubble hotel.

You can also see both sunrise and sunset from this vantage point.

We wanted to go cruising down the Mida Creek and the resort actually owns one of Watamu’s only commercial dhows, Pepo Huru, which is part of the historic regatta that won the Lamu Dhow Race a few years back.

On board are the usual trappings for those looking for a scenic and relaxing cruise, complete with aperitifs, pampering and an attentive crew.

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