Political Scientist Mutahi Ngunyi has alleged a conspiracy to finish Deputy President William Ruto, throwing President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition boss Raila Odinga into the mix.

Through his weekly talk show The Fifth Estate, Ngunyi stated that “I must speak the truth in my heart about the handshake…The handshake is conspiracy to finish DP William Ruto…It will fall flat on the face.”

Ngunyi who is famed for his Tyranny of Numbers prediction of Uhuru Kenyatta victory in the 2013 Presidential elections maintained that Ruto who is a seasoned politician who has fought and won many political battles will emerge victorious.

Drawing his inspiration from the Bible, Ngunyi admitted that the DP may have his imperfections stating that “Ruto is probably a thug, I don’t know, maybe he is mukora, we have no idea”.

“But Elohim the almighty does not use perfect people, he likes the weak and imperfect, He likes Mukoras.” He asserted.


Deputy President William Ruto (Nation)


He maintained that just like in the Bible where controversial and imperfect people were used for a good cause, the DP would have the last lough.

“Ruto is a contradiction and maybe this is what will make him king.” He clarified.

Below is the video of Mutahi Ngunyi making his claims, courtesy of YouTube.


The handshake has come under sharp criticism from a section of DP Ruto’s allies with succession politics taking centre stage.

Uhuru responds to request by Orengo to back Raila in 2022 during exclusive night meeting

Succession politics featured once again during this week’s visit by President Uhuru Kenyatta in Kisumu with Orengo challenging President Kenyatta to declare support for Odinga.

“We would be happy if your Excellency considers offering your support for Odinga to continue with your March 9 peace deal of uniting the country and enhancing good governance”. Orengo said.



James Orengo watchs as President Uhuru Kenyatta addresses the public during this week’s tour of Kisumu (Courtesy)


However, the president who carefully chose his words responded that he had no objections to the suggestion leaving the door open.

“Ndugu zangu na dada zangu mimi sina shida na mtu yeyote bora tu mkubali tufanye kazi pamoja basi tugange yajayo (My brothers and sisters, I have no issues will your suggestion but let us work together and see what the future has),” the President said.

“Only God knows who will take the mantle,” he added, raising hopes that Odinga could be the surprise pick come 2022.