Don’t we all deserve to look and feel good?

Yes, we do! But getting super ideas on how to look sassy can be mind straining since not all of us can afford to hire a designer.

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But thanks to fashion and style bloggers who make sure you are up to date in terms of fashion and trends.

These five blogs impressed judges and were nominated in a move to give readers chance to vote for the most impressive.

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While growing up, Wangui found her unique liking and inclination to things style

She got inspired to venture into fashion blogging from tons of insights she accrued from her mentors and market leaders.

With a degree in Journalism and Visual Communication, her dreams are not limited and she boasts of being a wardrobe champion.

Wangui also post videos on YouTube and gets delighted when she helps someone to step out clad in a catchy and trendy outfit.

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2. Fashionable Stepmum

Fashionable Stepmum is run by Catherine. She is a step mother of six children.

She made the blog to highlight her transition from a single girl to a step mum and her style evolution over years.

In her blog, she lauds courageous ladies who have wholly embraced the step mothering challenge.

Christine shares how her love for fashion has helped her get through this adventure of raising a blended family and finding peace at the same time.

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3. The Fashion Mobster

Shanniq Monicah is the engine behind this exciting blog.

Monicah discovered her love for fashion when she was 12-years old and since then, she clung on it.

The Fashion Mobster expresses her passion for fashion and to inspire women through her style.

The writer believes that fashion is about exploring different trends and breaking the rules to come up with rare but elegant results.

Her goal is to help women discover their true beauty, decency and feel confident in what they wear.


You can never have a wardrobe malfunction if you equipped yourself with nuggets of wisdom from this sites. Photo: UGC
Source: UGC

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4. Vonette Orinda

Vonette Orinda is the founder and editor of this platform that she started in 2012.

From a young age she knew she was destined to be in the fashion space.

Orinda is so intrigued by West African fashion thus featuring a few model and designers from that side of the world.

In 2018 she re-branded and now more keen on working and producing content for brands in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

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5. Curves with Style

Curves with style is a fashion and style blog by Nyawira Mumenya.

She considers it her personal fashion and style diary.

Her aim to keep plus size women up to date with latest trends and make everyone steal a glance at such women when they dress.

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You can never have a wardrobe malfunction if you equipped yourself with nuggets of wisdom from this sites.

Make sure to vote for your favourite nominee. To vote click here.

Winners in this contest will be made know to the public on Saturday, June 15.


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