Okay let us just be honest, when it comes to Diamond Platnumz, he is one of the artistes his colleagues across the board look up to.

Not only as an artiste but also as a businessman who has mentored other artistes to be the best under his label Wasafi Records.

Recently, Harmonize has been releasing big tunes and scooping a lot of views. Its been song after song all under a month. He even dropped an EP and now people are comparing his success to that of Diamond’s.

According to Harmonize’s fans, it seems he is slowly taking over the fame Diamond has long enjoyed. He is slowly becoming the benchmark when it comes to music.

But Diamond is not ready to lose his crown. He addressed those thoughts that Harmonize is taking over saying,


We as Wasafi are already very big. Especially me individually that is why people are trying to compare me with other artists. For a long time, every upcoming artist has been likened to Diamond. Since they can’t beat me they have started putting me up against my own artists.

Truth is, Diamond is a bigger artiste than Harmonize but if he slacks, he might lose that title. Listeners like new music often, we forget fast so if you are constantly giving us something good, we will rank you number one.

That is how Diamond won our love. Guess the student is becoming the teacher.

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