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  • The Monaco Yacht Show, yachting’s biggest event, kicked off on September 26.
  • More than $3.5 billion worth of yachts are on display, with an average length of 168 feet.
  • Here’s a look at the 12 largest superyachts at the Monaco Yacht Show.

The Monaco Yacht Show, often dubbed yachting’s most prestigious event, kicked off on September 26.

On display in the glittering Port Hercules are 121 superyachts, collectively worth $3.5 billion. Individually, the average value of each superyacht is around $31 million.

Of these superyachts, 42 are making their worldwide debut and 45% are less than two years old. But equally as impressive as their worth and age is their size — the average length of superyachts on display is around 168 feet, an increase from last year’s Monaco Yacht Show. The average volume has also increased by nearly 15%.

But that’s nothing compared to the show’s superstars — the giant superyachts that cast that average into the shadows. The biggest yacht, Aquarius, is 312 feet, while the biggest debut, Dar, comes in at 295 feet.

We rounded up the 12 largest superyachts on display at the Monaco Yacht Show, which are all more than 230 feet. Here’s what that looks like.


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