The human body is more sophisticated than you thought. There is much more you still do not know about it despite being in it for years.

If this doesn’t sound like it, check out these surprising facts about the human body:

1. The higher the IQ, the more you dream. So if you are a dreamer, all the credit goes to your IQ.

2. Besides talking too much, women also blink more than men. Apparently, they blink as twice as men. Bet you didn’t know that.

3. Of all your body parts, the cornea is the only part without blood supply. So where does it get Oxygen? Well, it designed in a way such that it gets Oxygen directly from the air.

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4. You may already be aware that 75% of your body is water. But did you also know that 80% of your brain is water?


Human brain- 80% of it is water (PBS)


5. The acid produced in your stomach is strong enough to dissolve razor blades. However, the linings of your stomach gets renewed fast enough hence the reason they are never dissolved.

6. Your teeth start growing six months before you are born and that’s why some babies are born with a tooth.

7. Naturally, women are born better smellers than men and remain so for the rest of their lives.

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8. The female eggs is the largest cell in the human body and the only one that can be seen through naked eyes. The sperm on the other hand is the smallest cell.

9. Your nose and ears never stop growing since birth. However, your eyes are the same size as the day you were born and they will remain so.

10. The muscles that make up the mouth are the same as those that make up the vagina.



Human mouth has lots of bacteria (kisspng)


11. The bacteria present in the human mouth are more than all the people in the world.

12. Just like finger prints, every human has unique tongue prints.

13. The amount of saliva one produces in their lifetime could fill two swimming pools.

14. Surprisingly, your brain is more active at night than during the day.

15. The amount of heat your body produces in half an hour is enough to heat half a gallon of water.