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Feel-good superhero film Supa Modo continues to fly the Kenyan flag high.

The film that tells the story of a mother driven to surround her dying daughter with joy in her last days has been selected by the Kenya Film Commission to represent the country in the foreign language category of the Oscars.

Set in the village of Maweni, Supa Modo is a movie about a little girl who suffers from a terminal disease a type that isn’t going to end well.

Likarion Wainaina’s film beat Wanuri Kahiu’s Rafiki in the competitive race for this year’s Kenyan Oscar bid.

The film, which stars veteran actors Maryanne Nungo and Nyawara Ndambia with newcomer Stycie Waweru, has won 21 international awards across the globe.

The script is gripping, moving, and at the same time manages to come off as completely believable and fantastical, simultaneously. Both Kahiu and Wainaina exchanged words of gratitude and mutual support on Twitter once the news came out.

“We wish to congratulate the stellar cast and crew, director and producers of Supa Modo for the great film that they presented for the Committee,” the Kenya Film Commission said in a press release. “We wish you all the best in the next two steps to being a nominee of the Oscars and hopeful winners as well.”


The movie is the only Kenyan film that has earned a place to the prestigious awards in 2019. Supa Modo has enjoyed a lively run since its premiere at Berlinale in February, going on to screen at more than 30 festivals around the globe.

Ginger Wilson of Ginger Ink said that it has been a very trying time for film and freedom of expression in Kenya. “I hope this little film with a big heart catches the attention of the Academy and disproves the notion that feel-good films are impossible contenders for this category,” said Wilson.

Supa Modostarted showing at Prestige Cinema on Friday and will run until Thursday.

“We have received so much love from fans all over, and our road to the Oscars would be incomplete without another chance for you to watch it,” said Wainaina.