This is the hilarious moment two rats square up to each other before having a ‘boxing’ match’ on the edge of a kitchen shelf in India.

The rodents are seen grappling, sparring and rolling around in a cartoon-style fight.

But then one drags the other across the shelf before they bizarrely both rise up on their back legs and slap and strangle each other with their forelegs.

One gets the ‘upper paw’ by jumping on to a higher shelf and taking aim from there.


The fight took place on top of a kitchen rack, four-foot up in a storeroom of a house in Uttarakhand in India.

Prashant, the owner of the house, said: ‘What amazed me the most was that the rats were fighting like humans with their hands up in the air and slapping each other as any humans would do during road rage.’ 

It is common for fights to occur after an influx of hormones where both rats are cross, and neither is willing to submit. 

They work on a hierarchy and it is best to not try and split up their fights. 

However, rats are also compassionate and look after injured rats in their group.