Singer Majirani claims he was almost raped in jail: 'Hardest moment of my life'

Former Grandpa Records artist Majirani had to learn the hard away that jail isn’t a garden of roses.

In an interview with word is, the singer confessed that he was almost raped while in jail. The musician, who was in prison for a year after his father sent him for dropping out of school, was traumatized by life behind bars.

“It is not a good experience. You are eaten by lice and given that they are considered ‘wanyama ya serikali [government’s animals]’ you are not allowed to kill them. If you were found killing them it’s considered a crime,” confessed the singer. 



Majirani also went on to share that he almost got raped by a fellow prisoner.

“I am thankful to God [the attack failed]. That was the hardest moment of my life in prison.” he said. 

“Prison taught me that you need to respect people. Right now even if you wrong me, I just walk [away] because I would not want to go back there. Freedom is more important than all the money [in the world].” 

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