Moving on after a breakup is never easy.

Some people will actually pretend to be in love but in real sense they are only trying to get over their ex.

The last thing you want is to date a man who tells you that they love you but the truth is that they still love their ex.

And unless you want to be caught up in a love fiasco, you should run for your dear life the moment you know that your man is still in love with their ex.

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Check out for these signs to know if he still loves his ex:

1. They still communicate


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And it’s not just communicating but a friendly chat. This a clear sign that they still have unresolved issues and the tables can turn any time. He will tell you that they are just friends but the truth really is that there is more to their friendship.

2. They do business together

If the reason your boyfriends keeps on meeting his ex is the business they still own together, you need to think twice about it. While it could be true, it could also be an excuse for them to meet because they still love each other.

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3. He still has her souvenirs

Why would he still have his ex’s souvenirs and gifts if he no longer loves her? He should have gotten rid of anything that reminds him of her if he doesn’t love her. Just be ready for the worst just in case you lack the guts end it.

4. He gets jealous when she moves on


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A guy who has moved on and is over his ex will have no issues with his ex moving on. But if your boyfriends gets angry or jealous anytime he gets a word that his ex is dating, that’s a red flag. He is probably in love with her and can’t stand to see her ex with another man.

5. He is not ready to commit

If the relationship is just for play, then it’s okay not to commit. But if you are serious and your guy is always giving excuses and doesn’t seem to be ready to commit, he is definitely not sure about you. Most likely, he is trying to work out things with his ex and doesn’t want to commit to you because he would rather commit to his ex.

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