If you are dating with the goal of ending up in marriage, then what you need is not just a girl to hang out with but one who can make a good wife.

And with the current slay queen generation, spotting a wife material can be quite a task. So you got to play your game right and smart.

But just so that you know how to identify a wife material, check out these signs of a wife material:

1. She is not a gold digger

If she encourages you to save and is not interested in your money, she can make a great wife. A wife material will not call you every time asking for money because she is not after using you but is interested in you and the future of the relationship.

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2. Good listener


A wife material is a good listener (embryoadoption)


You want to marry someone who can at least listen to you but not a control freak. If you find a woman who is patient enough to listen to you even when you are arguing, that’s a wife material. She is a person with whom you can sit and reason together with, without yelling at each other.

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3. Good cook

You can choose to teach her how to cook if you are a great cook yourself. But a woman who knows how to cook well has more bonga points for being a wife compared to one who has no skills in the kitchen.


Woman preparing food in the kitchen (olayemiogunojo)


4. She spends wisely

You will spot a wife material by looking at how she spends her money. If she never saves her own money and spends it all on clothes and partying, you better reconsider dating her. A wife material spends her money wisely and meets all her needs before spending on luxuries.


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5. Challenger

Gone are the days when women were only required to listen to their husbands and follow all the orders given. A good wife material in this era is wise and can challenge her husband.  If you get a woman who is so smart that she challenges your decisions and gives you positive criticism, make her your wife.

6. Loving


Love is the foundation of a successful relationship (gloo)


Last but not least, a wife material should love you as much as you love her. Don’t just marry her because she is pretty or because she is smart. If she loves you, she will care about you, will be submissive and will respect you.