Senate speaker Kenneth Lusaka on Friday opened the Sh312 million ultramodern Kitui assembly debating chamber.

The ceremony took place during a special Friday sitting at the assembly.

Speaker George Ndotto, Kitui governor Charity Ngilu, Senator Enock Wambua and MCAs from across the country were present. Lusaka told MCAs to take their oversight role seriously, but cautioned them against doing their job with malice.

He said when MCAs perform their role perfectly, it makes the Senate’s work easier. Lusaka said the first point of call for oversight are the county assemblies.

“When you are carrying out the oversight role, let it be objective. Let it not be used to fix the executive. Let it not be used to stop the executive from doing its work,” he told the MCAs.


Lusaka said the last five years of devolution were used to “fix” leaders, leading to retarded growth in many counties. “Many MCAs armed themselves with impeachment, the governors armed themselves with protocol and senators armed themselves with oversight,” he said.

Lusaka said a lot of time was wasted in “fixing each other”, which the MCAs could have used to ensure the success of devolution.

“That was a learning term, it is now time to work. We have no reason not to work together. We are a family of devolution and when the history of this country is written, let it be written that we did our best,” he said.

The speaker said both the Senate and MCAs have a collective responsibility to safeguard devolution and the Constitution. He urged them to promote good governance, financial prudence, transparency and accountability. Lusaka said there is need for all funds allocated to the counties to be utilised well.

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