A section of Homa Bay MCAs are planning to remove Speaker Elizabeth Ayoo when they resume sittings on Tuesday next week.

The more than 30 legislators accused Ayoo of siding with those alleged to have been embezzling funds in the assembly.

The MCAs led by Dan Were (Kakello Kokwanyo), Eliphalet Osuri (Ruma Kaksingri) and Juma Awuor (Homa Bay East) also claimed that the Speaker is part of the group that perpetrate wrangles in the assembly.

Were argued that the speaker defends the ousted assembly majority leader Richard Ogindo whom they accused of misusing their loans and mortgage funds.

He said MCAs have lost more than Sh 64 million for loans and mortgage under the watch of Ogindo.

“We are disturbed by our speaker’s behaviour of impartiality. We can’t allow those who perpetuate graft in the assembly to lead us,” Ware said.

Addressing press on Wednesday, the MCAs said they will table a vote of no confidence against the speaker.

Speaker Ayoo, however, refuted the claims of being impartial, noting that she was acting in the position of ODM party.

She said the party leadership wrote a letter which recognized Ogindo as the majority leader.


“Majority leader position is a political party affair and I don’t meddle in it. Assembly is ready to work with the majority whom the party has approved,” Ayoo said.

On the alleged loss of Sh64 million for loans and mortgage, the speaker said the amount is exaggerated.

She said the assembly service board which she is a member gave Sh2 million as car loan to each MCA.

“We have been making prudent financial management since I assumed office,” she added.

MCA Osuri said Ayoo’s declaration that Ogindo is the bonafide majority leader means that she does not respect the voice of the majority of MCAs who voted Ogindo out.

Osuri told Ayoo to prepare for a vote of no confidence once they come from recess.

“Speaker has a role in uniting members in the House. There is need to replace those who behave contrary to their employers,”Osuri said.

Other MCAs present were Walter Muok (Kanyadoto),Ojala Nyang’i(Kochia), Okuku Miregi(Rusinga) among others.

Homa Bay assembly has 60 members whereby 58 belong to the ODM party.

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