Swahili songbird, Sanaipei Tande´s melodious voice has been an emblem in the music industry since the hey days but her journey has not been golden.

At the tender age of 19, a young girl decides to pursue the path of music but gets it rough, speaking to 10 over 10´s Willis Raburu:

When I first started out in the industry at 19, there were things that were written about me that affected me so much.

And the media doesn´t realize that they´re affecting people´s lives with what they publish.

When you read about me when I was still 19 you´ll probably believe what you read.

The ¨Amina¨ hitmaker sadly realized how untruthful the media can get, unable to put to mind that what the media publishes is what the public believes.

Maybe it wasn´t true but you believe it because media wrote it to you.

So media has to understand that they have a responsibility to report the right things.

However, she learnt her lesson the hard way, having to develop some thick skin in order to do what she likes, and still live her life.

I had to develop a tough skin and said ´You know what, you write what you want.´

I told myself, if media won´t do it for me, then I have to do it for myself.

Sana decided to write her own story, her way.

For as long as those close to her heart knew the truth, the rest she gave a deaf ear to.


Then I have to learn how not to let things affect me if they´re not true.

The people who matter to me are the people who know the truth.

During the Interview, the 34-year old beauty spoke about recent body shamming trolls, leaving pieces of advice, for any victims present.

According to her, to beat the trolls at their own game, you rather just ignore them all.


Sana´s popular jam ´Simama Imara´ recently released video is all about:

Being confident and comfortable in who you are.

Forget about everybody else and what they say about you.

Because at the end of the day, it is all about ´You´.

Find out who you are, what matters to you.

Then it doesn´t matter what anybody else thinks.

Find out who is important to you.

And all that matters most to the sensational singer:

For me, I know my mum, dad, brother, sister-in-law, nephew are important to me.

Find out whose opinion matters and forget about the world.

The singer-cum-actress believes, with respect to oneself, comes character but if she has to choose, then she´d rather lose her music.

So for me, my parents matter that´s why I never compromise on my character because of my music.

If it means I lose my respect, let me lose my music.


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