Residents of a Baringo village are living in fear after 14-year-old robbery suspect escaped from Kipsaraman AP post on Wednesday.

The teenager is accused of breaking into homes, hotels and shops.

“We helped the AP officers to arrest the suspect on Tuesday around 7 pm. We are surprised that he escaped from the cells around 3 am,” resident Jack Tarus told the Star.

Residents said the boy who dropped out school last month has threatened to kill people and rape women as well girls.

“He has become dangerous since he stopped going to school. His teachers warned his schoolmates to keep away from him,” Tarus said.

It was not clear how the handcuffed boy escaped through a window at the timber-wall AP cells.

The handcuffs were later found near his grandfather’s house at Kaptoin village, near Kipsaraman shopping centre.

The orphan used to live with his grandfather Yator Tambariri, 65. The elderly man said he stopped living with him two months ago.


“He sneaks in the house at night to steal leftover food in the kitchen then disappears into the bush,” he said.

Tambariri demanded his immediate arrest.

Kipkata location chief Isaac Tobolee was non-committal on the incident. He said he is yet to receive information.

“I will be able to comment once I get the full details,” he said.

Baringo County AP Commander Robinson Ndiwa also said he was yet to get a brief from his officers on the ground.

“In any case that is a very small matter that ought not to be reported to the public,” he told the Star on the phone.

DCI officer Andolo Munga asked residents to remain calm as they search for the suspect.

The county is prone to cattle rustling and banditry by boys aged between 10 and 14 years.

Another suspect who disappeared in a similar manner is yet to be rearrested after escaping from the dilapidated cells in 2016.

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