Mombasa governor Hassan Joho yesterday said he supports calls to amend the Constitution through a referendum.

 Joho said the Constitution has brought a lot of benefits to counties but there was need to change it for better development. 

He said governors were unfairly being blamed for lack of growth in the counties yet the National Treasury was withholding more development funds.

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  “They have succeeded in building a narrative that governors are incompetent and cannot account for the billions given to them but the truth is that all the 47 counties are allocated only 15 per cent of the national resources. The rest remains with the national government,” Joho said. 


He was speaking during a devolution sensitisation week at Makadara Ground in Mombasa.

 He said the Constitution should be amended so counties can get 50 per cent of national resources.

 “The conversation around referendum cannot be ignored any more,” he said.

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 He said the government was allocating more money to the ministries of Health, Water and Agriculture yet they are devolved functions.

 “You do not need to allocate billions to the Health ministry yet 99 per cent of health is devolved,” he said.

 Joho accused the national government of slashing allocations meant for counties by Sh9 billion.

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