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The push for constitutional reforms through a referendum is gaining momentum with Kanu chairman Gideon Moi now endorsing it.

Mr Moi said the clamour for a referendum is inevitable due to the many challenges the country is facing.

Without mentioning names, Mr Moi, in a statement, said it is wrong for some leaders to oppose the referendum.

Although he has not openly declared his interest to vie for the presidency in the 2022 elections, Mr Moi is said to be eying the seat.

This has put him on a collision course with Deputy President William Ruto as the battle the battle for control of the Kalenjin nation hots up ahead of the 2022 elections.

“For us leaders, we should give the citizens a listening ear and guidance at this moment instead of trying to suppress their voice,” said Mr Moi.

He said there is need to review the Constitution at this time when the country is undergoing harsh economic times.

“The new governance came with a cost which Kenyans seem ready to review, having tasted and felt how it is,” said Mr Moi.


He observed that the clamour for the change in the Constitution is coming six years after the country adopted the devolved system of governance after ushering in the new Constitution eight years ago.

“The Constitution which Kenyans adopted acknowledges people as supreme and key on how they want to be governed and with what type of governance structure,” said Mr Moi.

He said Kenyans should be given an opportunity to review the Constitution and choose what they think has worked for them since they endorsed it.

“It is import for the citizens to decide for themselves what needs to be improved and how they should be governed by the leaders they have chosen or will choose in the future,” said Mr Moi.

He called on the ruling class to create a good environment for sober, informed debate to make the citizens choose wisely what they want in the referendum.