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Reasons for high staff turnover





Staff turnover is a standard measure of the rate of exits compared to the number that fills up the same position in the organisation.

By calculation, it’s the percentage of staff exits against the initial employee numbers at the start of the period under review. For instance, a company that had 200 staff in January and 10 opt to exit by December the turnover ratio is five per cent.

The lower the percentage the better for the company since exits and entries have associated costs, recruitment expenses, terminal benefits, and cost of litigations in case of hostile separation, among others.

Employees spend most of the day at their workplace. The standard working hours being eight implies that one spends 30 per cent of the day or 60 per cent of their active hours between 6am and 6pm at work.

How you spend your day translates into your living years. Every employer should, therefore, ensure that the work environment is conducive because employees are the drivers of the organisation. Here are some of the reasons for high turnover:

The current crop of employees are sensitive to pay and any reasonable counter offer presented way above their salary has a tendency to sway staff loyalty.

This is evident in the local media industry in which we witness high staff turnover due to better terms rivals offer such as higher pay, paid time off and stock options, education assistance, among others.

The market is changing. For employers, the salary structure for yesteryears may not be relevant today. Human resource or talent sourcing departments should research regularly on new trends in the market and act accordingly.

Even though companies do consider salary or money as a satisfactory measure of effort, they should aim to offer a fair salary for effort expended based on the ability of the company to sustain the wage bill.

2. Leadership/ Supervision

Supervision is the act of directing employees to achieve desired results or simply working through other people. How an organisation achieves this is very critical. Humans are creatures of habit, routine and consistency.

The employee desires a level of predictability. Therefore, a manager should ensure the strategies adopted have a human face. Many employees opt for lower paying jobs to escape an arrogant and punitive supervisory system.

Supervisors should be well-trained and understand their duties.


Employees tend to honour and respect expertise coupled with experience. A supervisor who meets these criteria may find his or her work fun due to the high level of team cooperation.

3. A lack of participation

There is a paradigm shift in operations where every idea is regarded as equally special and weighed against the scale of reason and practicability before being discarded.

Even that tea girl we always look down upon has something to offer.

Most firms now have ‘ideas book’ at the reception for all staff to write what they consider, if implemented, could be a game changer in a company.

All staff now want to participate in company decision-making process, not just routine and structural operations. Let us create room for this as part of staff retention.

Employees who rise up the corporate ladder may find it prudent to exit and create room for promoting the junior staff.

Depending on company size and structure, the staff may hold on since they can see growth opportunities as those at the top exit. This results in new ideas or fresh blood as well as succession planning.

In summary, the talent search department should be sensitive to the market and ensure the remuneration structure is commensurate with employee skills to foster staff retention.

A firm that experiences a high turnover should conduct a survey for root cause analysis. How the company handles its staff determines how long they stay in the company.

Employers should also conduct management performance appraisal to eliminate cases of punitive supervision.

All employees are important and their ideas count. Involve all of them in the day-to-day decision-making process as suggested earlier.

Put in place a succession plan to create a pool of experienced and capable employees to take up the positions left vacant on staff exits.

TOM SHAMIAH, Managing partner, Periperi Recruitment Services.

This article was first published in the Business Daily.

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Milano Marathon:Titus Ekiru defends title in fifth fastest time – KBC




Titus Ekiru retained his Milano Marathon title in style by registering the fifth fastest time 2:2.57 to win the men’s race held Sunday in Italy


Kenya’s Titus Ekiru retained his Milano Marathon title in style by registering the fifth fastest time  2:2.57 to win the men’s race held Sunday in Italy.

KBC Radio_KICD Timetable

Ekiru steered clear after the 30km mark and held on to clinch the race ahead of compatriot  Reuben Kiprop who was placed second in 2:3.55, while Barnabas Kiptum wound up third after posting 2:4.17.



“I have realized that running 2:1 is possible especially after regaining my shape and my body is in great condition so I will discuss with my coach on how I can better the time’’, said Ekiru.

Ekiru  who trains in Kapsabet  Nandi County is under the management of Italian Rosa Associati .

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Kenya’s Racheal Jemutai  finished second in the women’s race ,posting 2:22.50 behind race winner Ethiopian Hiwot Gebrekidan  who cut the tape first in 2:19.35,Bahrain’s Eunice  Chebichi  wound up third.


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Great beauty in the Rift




Meanders at Kiboino village along Iten-Kabarnet road. The road is famous for its tens of corners between Baringo and Elgeyo Marakwet counties.[Denish Ochieng, Standard]

Faults.” By the way, suppose Gregory never happened on the scene, what would you have called this fissure?
The vast valley, formed when the core of the earth heaved and sighed millions of years ago as a result of volcanic activity, is visible from space and runs from Lebanon in the Middle East to Mozambique in the southern part of Africa. Yet, it is the immense natural beauty and diverse cultures that make a visit to this region worthwhile.
Late last year, during the small window that allowed for some travel, I hooked up with Ben, a birding expert for an exploratory tour of the Rift Valley.
Now Ben is one man who can tell one bird from another even in his sleep. He will spend copious amounts of time combing every bush for that rare bird few can identify.
The adventure starts at the eastern escarpment that drops towards Mai Mahiu. The unwritten rule is to stop and take in the enchanting vistas that stretch beyond the valley floor as far as the eye can see because the most beautiful things in life are free.
From here, the conical Mount Longonot looms large, another product of the volcanic activity that created a caldera when part of the volcano collapsed. Since our aim was to make it to Baringo by early afternoon, a quick glimpse of the expanse was enough.
We got to Nakuru by midday. The sweltering heat was becoming unbearable, a sharp contrast to the cloudy weather back in Nairobi.
“If you think Nakuru is hot, wait till you get to Baringo,” warned a security guard at a mall in Nakuru.

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True to his words, the terrain became harsh past Kabarak. Trees, bereft of leaves dotted the countryside.
Lake Bogoria Spa was our next pit stop. In the harsh terrain, the hotel stands out like a diamond in the rough. On a good day, guests are entertained by Tugen dancers just before dinner. It was in this hotel that I got to taste mursik for the first time. I say on a good day because there was little activity at the hotel as the effects of Covid-19 wore on.
The hotel is named after the nearby Lake Bogoria, one of the four Rift Valley lakes to the north.

Flamingos at Lake Bogoria National Reserve in Baringo county on January 20, 2021.[Kipsang Joseph, Standard]


Bogoria also marks the divide between the northern lakes of Baringo, Turkana and the ‘Masai’ lakes of Nakuru, Elementaita and Magadi.
Lake Bogoria is set at the bottom of the 600-metre Ngendelel Escarpment. Bogoria could not have been set in a more bleak environment.
It lacks an outlet, but the high alkalinity in the lake has been a factor in the propagation of the blue-green algae that is at the core of the lake’s global fame. Still, the stench from the algae is enough to make you puke.
How, you may wonder, would such seemingly useless substance bring visitors from around the world? You see, Bogoria is known for harbouring thousands of flamingos.
Though they do feed on some small fish, the algae is not only their main source of food but their vibrant pink colour as well.
The algae contains beta-carotene, a water-based bacteria with a reddish-orange pigment. When the bacteria dissolves in the birds’ fat, it is then deposited in feathers and as the birds grow, their colour slowly shifts to pink. Got it? Thus, a well-fed flamingo will have a deeper shade of pink and will make a formidable mate while a pale one could as well be content in the singles club. In the flamingo world, you are what you eat!
Sadly, his beautiful phenomenon is slowly fading away, thanks to the current phenomenon of rising Rift Valley lakes. For the last 10 years, the water in Lake Bogoria has risen to unprecedented levels, diluting the alkalinity and making it difficult for the flamingoes to survive.
A similar phenomenon greeted us in Baringo. At Kampi ya Samaki, scores of men washed their motorcycles on the road, now part of the lake.

Some of the buildings submerged at Soi Safari Lodge after Lake Baringo swelled on July 21, 2020.[Kipsang Joseph, Standard]

We had anticipated to lodge at the nearby Soi Safari Lodge, but this one too has been eaten up by the lake. And so are Robert’s Camp and Lake Baringo Country Club, the region’s favourite safari destinations. We were content staying in a nondescript haven on the water’s edge.
For some sense of serenity, we took the vertical ascent towards Kabarnet, the town set on a hill, one side overlooking the Iten escarpment.
Kabarnet sits on top of Kerio Valley, undoubtedly one of the most scenic locations in Kenya. Three minutes from Kabarnet, we pull over to the side of the road to take in the endless beauty of the valley below, where, as my primary school teacher told me, is the source of fluorspar.
If the landscape does not stir any emotions on your part, the Kabarnet-Iten Road surely does.
On such terrain, constructing a road vertically presented many challenges. In order to minimise the gradient, the engineers simply made numerous twists and turns, coils upon coils of tarmac meandering all the way to the top. While this was not their intention, the winding road has become part of the region’s tourist attraction.
My two days in the geological museum that John Gregory called the Rift Valley revealed some secrets that make the region tick. Here, the remains of animals and plants lie fossilised, awaiting a new discovery. 


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Bodies of Two Men who had Allegedly been Arrested by Police Retrieved from Thika River –




Two men who had allegedly been arrested by a police officer in Thika, Kiambu County, have been found dead.

The bodies of the two young men were retrieved from Thika River on Saturday evening.

It’s suspected that the two were murdered before their bodies were dumped in the river.

According to area residents, one of the deceased had handcuffs on his left hand.

The other had bruises on the wrist.

Read: Missing Businesswoman Caroline Wanjiku Maina’s Body Found In A Kajiado Mortuary

Despite the locals linking police to the death of the two men, the authorities have distanced themselves from the heinous act.

The police have denied knowledge of what transpired as the locals continue to demand justice.

“We are calling on the government to launch a probe into the killing as no young man should undergo what the two went through,” a resident said.

Another added, “If it’s the police who arrested the two, we want the government to get to the bottom of the matter.”

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