Police in Rangwe are holding a 26-year-old man for allegedly eloping with an underage girl at Nyaundho village.

The suspect Okuku Okiri was arrested by AP officers from Sinema post with the help of the area local administration.

The two were staying as a husband and wife in a house within a church compound belonging to the suspect’s parents.

Area Chief Peter Oula said he reported to police who stormed the church and made the arrest.

“The pupil was reported missing three months ago. I got information the girl had been seen in the church. When we went we found them,” Oula said.


The man’s father who is a pastor in the church was also arrested.

In defense, Okiri parents argued the girl was taken to the church for prayers.

“The suspect wanted to escape but he was arrested,” Oula said.

Homa Bay police commander Marius Tum said the suspect would be arraigned after they finalize investigations.

“The suspect and his father Sam Okuku are detained at Rangwe police station,” Tum said.

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