Opposition Chief Raila Odinga encountered an angry mob protesting the high cost of petroleum products in Kisumu.

The angry mob that waited to see Raila as he passed through Kondele carried labelled placards as they chanted the word “fuel”

According to the Standard, Odinga who was in Kisumu to preside over the official opening of Unaitas Sacco Kisumu branch, was forced to make a stop and explain to residents of the Lakeside County why he supported President Uhuru Kenyatta’s 8 percent VAT tax on fuel.

I know the issue of the VAT on fuel is the biggest issue affecting Kenyans now,” he said.


Raila encounters angry mob in Kisumu (Courtesy)


He further said that Kenyatta explained to him how the National Budget had deficits that needed to be filled and a lot of debts that needed to be re-paid, and that the situation was growing into a huge crisis.

The budget deficit meant that if the VAT was to be reduced to zero, it was going to hurt our country,” said Raila.


The Opposition leader also stated that they supported the tax with conditions which included the president streamlining the Government to ensure public money is spent responsibility.

We have given Uhuru one year and some of the things that must be addressed is corruption,” said the former Prime Minister.