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The estranged wife of Meru Senator Mithika Linturi can now breathe a sigh of relief after a Nairobi court granted her exclusive occupation of their palatial Runda home, pending the determination of a divorce case in Meru.

 Magistrate Isaac Orenge also restrained the Senator from “loitering near or preventing access to and from the said shared residence in Runda”.

Here are the stories making headlines in the Weekend Star this Saturday morning.

Has Kenyatta’s family chosen Raila for 2022?

President Uhuru Kenyatta is torn between sticking to the pre-2013 political deal with Deputy President William Ruto and supporting ODM party leader Raila Odinga.

On one hand, he is under immense pressure from some of his kitchen cabinet and by extension family to abandon Ruto and craft  a new political arrangement with his two-time presidential rival turned ally Raila.


From grass to grace and back to grass

Some of Kenya’s top female athletes who rose to international fame and riches after winning races are now living in regret after losing much of their earnings mostly to men who befriended them but turned out to be gold diggers. 

The women athletes have tales of bitterness after falling in love and trusting the gold diggers whose only target was to get part of the money and wealth from the runners. 

Some of the athletes even divorced their husbands to fall in love with the gold diggers.


Rastafarians, hijabs and the paradox of tolerance

Procrustes, also known as ‘the stretcher’, was a Greek robber dwelling in Attica who had a residence on ‘the sacred way’ between Athens and Eleusis.


In his residence was an iron bed in which he invited every traveller who passed by to spend the night. If the traveller was shorter than the bed, he stretched him by hammering or racking the body to fit; and if he was longer than the bed, he cut off the legs to make the body fit the bed’s length. In either event, the victim died due to Procrustes intolerance for differences.

In recent weeks, our renditions of Procrustes have been unveiled, and they range from heads of schools to the Judiciary.

The first unveiling began when a school presented a student who professes the Rastafarian faith with a double bind when they asked her to choose between shaving her hair or leaving the school.  After a court ruling, the girl has since been readmitted.


Why Joho remains Coast’s Sultan

Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho is under siege from the very people he helped win elections last August.    

Among other things, these former allies, all drawn from ODM, want Joho to work with Deputy President William Ruto and to support his 2022 presidential bid.  

They also want him to join them in their quest to be in government. 

Their argument is that after decades in the opposition, it is time the Coast joined the Jubilee government to attract development.


The untold story of Mama Ngina Waterfront Park

There are two sites in Mombasa that undoubtedly receive hundreds of thousands of local and international tourists every year.

Jomo Kenyatta Public Beach and Mama Ngina Waterfront Park, which coincidentally are named after the First President and his wife respectively, are now the talk of the town in the coastal city of Mombasa.

The national government has allocated a whopping Sh660 million to regenerate the two sites to international standards and attract more tourists to the region.

While many people know more about Jomo Kenyatta Public Beach because of the luxury hotels nearby, Mama Ngina has remained a sleeping giant.


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