The government should provide an alternative plan for motorists during the Car free days, Matatu Owners Association chairman Simon Kimutai has said.

On Monday, the transport ministry announced the plan to decongest the city and attract investors through car-free days – Wednesday and Saturdays.

Speaking to KTN on Tuesday, Kimutai said the plan was in good faith but noted that it needed proper planning.

“Alternatives should be provided because I believe that Wednesday there will be a big problem and we hope it will not cause traffic snarl-up,” he said.

“Though it sounds like a very good idea to allow other business people space, the government must provide enough information on this too.”

The pilot stage will start off with Moi Avenue, Harambee Avenue, Taifa Road, City Hall and Mama Ngina Street.

Kimutai said the matatu operators might not be affected as CBD only includes a few parts of the city.


“So far it could be a good move that might not have been done in a right way. But the CBD the government is talking about looks like it is not our area of operation,” he said.

“I don’t think it will hinder public transport from operating as normal.. if it is done in the right way it will flourish.”

Transport PS Paul Maringa said there will be dedicated parking in Uhuru Park and Railways as no car will be allowed within the CBD during these two days.

Maringa said during the set days, hawkers will be allowed to sell their wares.

The PS said this will generate Sh39.5 million daily revenue to the government from over 100,000 hawkers.

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