Political temperatures are rising in Malindi after ODM National Executive Council adopted disciplinary committee report recommending the expulsion of rebel MPs Aisha Jumwa and Suleiman Dori.

The fate of the two MPs now lies with the party’s National Governing Council after NEC adopted the decision to kick them out of the party on Thursday.

Already there are political regroupings in Jumwa’s Malindi constituency with one side supporting her while the other demanding for fresh polls in a by-election.

On Friday evening, there were protests held separately amongst the two groups.

Those in Jumwa’s support converged at the constituency office and asked ODM party to stop frustrating her while her rivals vowed to vote her out for betraying the party.

The party’s disciplinary committee in June last year recommended that Jumwa and Dori be expelled from the outfit for openly declaring support for Deputy President William Ruto’s 2022 presidential bid.


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Hundreds of Jumwa’s supporters expressed their displeasure with the party for recommending expulsion of their leader.

Fuad Wasi Kombe blamed ODM for “harassing” Jumwa and asked Party leader Raila Odinga to reject the report of the disciplinary committee.

“Why do they want Jumwa to be removed from the Parliamentary Service Commission, people are jealous with Jumwa, there is a hidden agenda, one cannot come from Mombasa to control Malindi,” he said.

At Nidhamia hall another group opposed to Jumwa was demanding for her expulsion.

“We support our Party leader and our Governor Hassan Joho and we are ready to teach the MP a lesson for messing up,” they said.

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