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Kiambu County Police Commander Adiel Nyange has asked hospitals within the region to alert the police in the event that patients with gunshot wounds visit them for treatment.

This follows the shooting to death by police of six robbery suspects on Monday morning as they were stealing goods from Thika’s Sunveat Industries, a biscuits manufacturing company.

About six other accomplishes managed to escape with gunshot wounds.

“I want to send a message to all hospitals within Thika and its outskirts to let us know of patients who seek treatment for gunshot wounds. As you treat them, lets us know so that we can get them,” said Mr Nyange.

According to the police commander, a gang of over 12 robbers drilled a hole on the perimeter wall of the company, entered the premises and attacked the watchmen, one of whom was critically injured while the rest were tied.

Mr Nyange added that as the robbers begun stealing from the company, one watchman managed to contact the company’s supervisor who reached out to the police immediately and the officers who were on patrol moved into the premises.


“Our officers quickly moved into the company through the perimeter wall and confronted the robbers, one of whom was in possession of a homemade gun capable of firing. In the process, six of the robbers were fatally injured while the rest managed to escape,” said the police commander.

Amongst the items that had been stolen were biscuits and electronics.

Mr Nyange warned criminals daring such moves of similar stern police action.

“Our officers are ready and set to guard the public and more so the residents of Kiambu. To the criminals, do not try it anywhere in Kiambu. But if you want to try, you can [be sure] you will get the same dose,” warned Mr Nyange.

He added that a manhunt for the suspects who escaped has been launched.

Police are yet to identify the names of the six who were shot dead.