For the past few days Hamisa Mobetto has been sharing her son’s photos on Instagram giving many a reason to talk.

Judging from the new photos we can all agree that Deedaylan undeniably took after his daddy, Diamond Platnumz especially with his looks.


Despite their awful start as father and son; the Bongo singer has lately been acknowledging that Deedaylan is his last born son. This comes at a time when Diamond Platnumz allegedly abandoned Tiffah and Nillan making Deedaylan the only child he is currently spending time with.

Celebrity baby

Being among the top rich kids of Bongo thanks to his mum and dad; there are a few people who feel they have an opinion on the young boy’s life.


Hamisa and Diamond Platnumz son

A fan by the name of Gloria left Hamisa Mobetto breathing fire after she decided to school the mum of two on how to style her son. Judging from her comment, seems that Gloria did not think it through before posting it on Deedaylan’s photo.

However, this time around Hamisa Mobetto did not let this slide as she fired back at the fan. She went on to tell the lady;


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