A man who was once, named among Kenya’s top 40 entrepreneurs and invited to be one of the mentors at Blaze by Safaricom, is threatening to commit suicide after being outed as a fraudster.

Edwin O Osigro, who goes by the name Wilkins Fadhili on social media, has found himself in a predicament his suspicious dealings were exposed.

Fadhili, who is the CEO Fashion Torch Africa, describes himself as a brand strategist, developer, Forbes Africa Top 30 under 30 and Top 40 under 40.

But his troubles started after he bragging on Twitter how he is working to position BBC Africa Business Editor, Larry Madowo, as a global brand.

However, Larry not only disowned the claims but also said he neither knows nor has he ever met Fadhili.

The former NTV news anchor even threatened to take legal action on the tweep.

Exposed and shamed, Fadhili profusely apologised for the tweet which he blamed on his former social media manager.

But as other Twitter users turned the heat on the heat on him Fadhili tweeted yet again acknowledging his past mistakes and promising that he had changed his ways.

Then on Sunday morning he posted a cryptic message on Twitter as the shaming continued.

“Goodbye, I’ve made mistakes and now life has no meaning at all, Bye everyone,” he tweeted before deleting it and only leaving the word ‘Goodbye’.

On his website, other than Larry Madowo, some of his other listed ‘clients’ include Edith Kimani, Usain Bolt, Suzzie Beauty, Cold Stone Creamery, Collins Injera and Executive Water’s Anerlisa Muigai.


On Twitter his alleged victims, continued to expose him for his fraudulent ways.