Locals on Monday stormed the home of a couple in Ol Kalou they accused of using their daughter to extort money from men in falsified defilement claims.

They demanded that the Standard eight pupil leaves the village in two hours or they eject her family forcefully and torch their house.

Mwangi Macharia and his wife Margaret Muthoni of Rutara village were saved by area chief who mobilised two armed police officer to quell the protests.

The two were accused of sending their 14-year-old child to engage in prostitution.

The incident followed a report by the said girl to the police of a man she alleged has been defiling her after giving her alcohol and bhang.

Monday’s protest was sparked by the girl’s claims that the father of three is the one who introduced her to bhang smoking.

Kamau Ngaruiya, the man in question, was arrested last Wednesday and remanded after he failed to raise Sh400,000 bond granted by the Nakuru law court.

The locals defended the suspect saying he doesn’t use the said drugs, but quickly noted they couldn’t confirm if they had intercourse as claimed.

The angry lot said it is not possible that only one child in the village falls victim of persistent defilement.

They claimed it is the girl who go seeking men, on the instruction of her mother, and later plays victim so they extort money from the would-be culprits.

Macharia and his wife were taken to the chief Peter Kimani’s office for their safety.

Monday’s protest was sparked by the girl’s claims that the father of three is the one who introduced her to bhang smoking.


On July 7 last year, one of the victims of the alleged scheme was arrested and taken to Nakuru court where the matter is still pending.

Harrison Ng’ang’a was remanded following the accusations and has been attending court sessions from prison.

The girl also accused an assistant chief of defiling her in January. Youths stormed the chief’s home then with a view to arrest him.

The chief disappeared and his whereabouts remain unknown. It was reported that the minor, since then, has been disappearing from home for days.

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Macharia and his wife, Muthoni, agreed with the villagers that their daughter have been loitering in the village.

They said she appeared to develop a psychological problem after the first two incidences, adding controlling her has been a challenge.

Macharia said the child became vulnerable and those who took advantage of her now want the community to turn against them.

“I feel pain, but again you don’t kill or disown your child because of some disability. I feel she developed a mental problem that needs help,” he said.

Chief Kimani said while it could be true that the minor goes looking for men, sleeping with or wooing a child who is under 18 is a criminal offence.

He advised the locals that since the matter is in court, they to volunteer as witnesses of those already arrested.

“The only thing is for those claiming they were framed to volunteer evidence to investigating authorities,” he added.

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