A police constable is the main suspect in the loss of a car that disappeared from the Nyeri Police Station yard.

Mr Gabrielle Matata has been linked to the loss of the car that had been rendered as unroadworthy.

The vehicle was nabbed by traffic officers on Tuesday and the driver Kelvin Waithanji was released on bail and booked for a court appearance the following day.


“The driver was arrested and released on bond. He was then told to appear in court the following day. It is then that it emerged that the vehicle was missing from the yard,” a report at the station read.

Police said that they are still pursuing other suspects who worked in cohorts with Mr Matata.

It later emerged that Mr Matata was on disciplinary leave at the time he was involved in the loss of the vehicle.

The report further stated that four police officers of other ranks will be tried in the disciplinary proceedings for being negligent in performing their duty.