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High-powered individuals – including priests and politicians – enjoy illicit sex, namely, with people who are not their licit partners. As a rule, the extra-marital activities of such politicians and priests occur in the darkness of night. Might that be the reason that some of Raila Odinga’s supporters recently told Vice-President William Ruto to “… keep off the AFFAIRS …” of the Opposition leader?

I stress the word AFFAIRS because it is the crux of the matter. For it would be wholly unbecoming for the Opposition leader to share the female objects of such “affairs” with the Vice-President of the same Republic. Moreover, in an age of Aids, it would also expose one probable future president to a horrifying national embarrassment.

Fortunately, “affairs” include the “foreign affairs” of one of our ministries in which so many of Kenya’s top politicians and civil servants reportedly involve themselves whenever they visit Caucasian Europe and North America.

No, to be Caucasian is not the problem. Nature has so arranged it that the opposite sexes do attract each other through their natural bodily differences. Yet the question is powerful: Why do Caucasian Euro-North Americans look so different from the Sino-Japanese Asians and from the Negro Africans? However, by his discovery of evolution Charles Darwin has long ago answered that question. All species respond adequately, if differently, to their natural circumstances. To every essential change in their circumstances, they change appropriately in their bodily structures and outlooks.

Europe’s own Charles Darwin has long ago answered that question satisfactorily. The remaining question is: Can anyone discover and benefit from that knowledge? The answer lies in humanity’s powerful natural desire to experience the exotic, especially in sex. The only problem is that, by the word “affairs”, most Kenyans mean only what they allege to be “ministerial offices”.


For one instance, Kenya’s office dealing with foreign countries is called “Ministry of Foreign AFFAIRS”. Borrowed from Britain’s political arrangements and England’s language, our system encourages the habit of calling “affairs” the offices of our top presidential advisers. But, obviously, “affairs” is not a happy term.

Since all members of the Cabinet belong to the same economic class notorious for its avarice and grabbing, Kenyans otherwise know such officials as “ministers” and “assistant ministers”. For them the President should devise a different term because the word “minister” has become so mired in dirt. Positively, to MINISTER is to serve without using your office to get materially well off.

The question, then, is: can you serve without uttering Jesus’ name insincerely? For, both in Europe and everywhere else in which Europe has planted the doctrine, a whole human class has arisen which gets fatter and fatter by shouting Jesus’ name at every street corner. That is why the “affairs” of all political ministerial officials the whole world over sound so deceptive in my ear.

In all former European colonies, most individuals seek to get rich by methods which the Jesus of the same European gospels would never have countenanced.

Although I am not a Christian, I have the highest admiration for the Jesus of the New Testament. For he would never approve of the involvement of his ministers in Kenya today in the most unjust, illegal and unbecoming activities by most church leaders.

Yet, as long as such an activity can yield immediate financial and political benefits, human beings will plunge into it. This is what reduces Kenya to one of the human world’s most corrupt circumstances. The rush for ill-gotten wealth defines all of Africa’s leadership in all social fields.