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No deal on women health rights as ICPD25 summit closes



The ICPD25 conference was held at KICC, Nairobi (Photo: David Gichuru/Standard)

The International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD25) conference closes today amid questions on whether it will produce a high-level declaration.

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By last night, major global players were still holding on to their hardened positions especially on abortion, sexual rights and same sex relationships.

The US, the biggest funder of reproductive health globally, in its Nairobi commitment is categorical that it would not support abortion.

“The United States funds international programmes that provide skills, opportunities and empowerment for women, without compromising the dignity and inherent value of every human life – born and unborn,” says the US commitment to the Nairobi Summit.

The Nairobi conference is a follow-up of the 1994 International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) attended by 179 largely harmonious countries in Cairo, Egypt.

Twenty five years later, that harmony is not evident in Nairobi.

Gag rule

This is partly blamed on the US Government, which in 2017 reinforced the ‘gag rule’ that has seen a reduction of funding to sexual and reproductive health services globally.

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Publicly supporting the US position are 19 countries: Bahrain, Belarus, Brazil, Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Guatemala, Haiti and Hungary. Others are Iraq, Libya, Mali, Nigeria, Poland, Republic of the Congo, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Uganda, United Arab Emirates and Yemen.

In a statement presented earlier to the UN, the group said it does not support references to ambiguous terms and expressions such as sexual and reproductive health and rights in UN documents.

“This is because such language can undermine the critical role of the family and promote practices such as abortion.”

The grouping says there is no international right to an abortion and such terms should not be used to promote pro-abortion policies and measures.

“Further, we only support sex education that appreciates the protective role of the family in this education and does not condone harmful sexual risks for young people,” said the group.

Last Friday, Catholic bishops in Kenya said there were more pressing issues affecting women than those being discussed at the summit (Photo: Shutterstock)

Yesterday, in an opinion piece in this paper, US Ambassador to Kenya Kyle McCarter cautioned against use of the Nairobi forum by pro-abortion groups as a vehicle to try and further their agenda.


“Unfortunately, these groups are attempting to re-write ICPD’s Programme of Action which was agreed to by 179 governments in 1994 with an alternative set of commitments that go beyond what was agreed to by member states in the original ICPD,” he wrote.

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Reaction to the US position has been swift and aggressive. A coalition of 58 countries mainly involving the rich nations of Europe, including Denmark — the co-conveners of the Nairobi meeting — has strongly defended universal sexual rights.

Included in this group are economic heavy weights like France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Norway and South Africa.

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The other significant group offended by the Nairobi Summit, and which has strong social influence on large populations particularly in Kenya, is the Church.

Since last month, the Holy See had made it known to the Kenyan Government that it would not be participating in the Nairobi Summit.

“The Holy See cannot support the “Nairobi Statement on ICPD25: Accelerating the Promise,” read a statement.

The Vatican said it was mainly opposed to the inclusion of issues that have not been agreed on globally in the Nairobi meeting. Specifically, the Vatican said it was not comfortable with the so-called “sexual and reproductive health rights” and “comprehensive sexuality education”.

Last Friday, Catholic bishops in Kenya said there were more pressing issues affecting women than those being discussed at the summit.

“We do not believe that these (ICPD25 themes) are the issues that truly concern the development of women and humanity at large,” said Archbishop Philip Anyolo.

He said any meaningful summit will be expected to focus on programmes that target actions that will uplift women and children living in extreme poverty and migration, among others.

The controversial statements appear in the summits’ guiding pledge, Nairobi Statement on ICPD25: Accelerating the Promise.

The pledge commits members “to integrate comprehensive package of sexual and reproductive health interventions, including access to safe abortion”. Some delegates say they do not have high expectations on the achievement of the Nairobi Summit. Dmitry Chumokov of Russia said the Nairobi summit was a platform for sharing experiences but won’t provide a binding outcome document.

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New Bae? Sherlyne Anyango Gets Naughty With Mzungu In The States (Video)




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Love At First Sight?


Well, she moved on quickly! This was the reaction of most of her fans after Sherlyne went live with her new catch. Most people were surprised by how fast she possibly got a boyfriend. But she hasn’t made it clear.

While this might seem unfair to her Kenyan bae, Oga Obinna, it was a mutual agreement between them to dissolve their relationship due to the distance between them.


”I’m a single boy again now😪😱!! Now with the standards you set who will fit in🤷🏿 who will fill your shoes??But Si Ni Life… But for now Kill Them with your AWESOMENESS and SECURE THE BAG!!! Don’t let nobody tell you otherwise. Plus there will always be space for you in my Heart and Kidney🙊🙈🙏🏿.”

In line to this, Sherlyne had also declared how much she misses Obinna and wrote back to him;

  ”Don’t make me cry. That’s life 😞😞. I feel bad. I miss you badly.”

Well, turns out she won’t be missing him any more after getting a new catch. Obinna has not yet responded to Sherlyne’s video posted on her Insta stories. I bet he’s not happy seeing her with another man.

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Tips to help you get the perfect blazer Eve woman




 Choosing a blazer is key as it can either break or make your outfit (Image: Pinterest)


When it comes to buying or tailoring a new blazer, most people think it’s all about getting what fits. Even though that is one of the most vital things to focus on when selecting blazers, there are other things you need to look out for in order to have a perfect and versatile blazer.

Versatile is not just about being able to match most pieces in your closet, but something that will enhance your outfits and define your best features while at it. In case you are wondering on where to start with buying a blazer, start here:

 Always go for a colour that will pair well with most pieces in your closet (Image: Pinterest)

Yes, this is the first thing you should consider before making or buying yourself a blazer. You need to check your closet and consider the most dominant colour and pieces, can they be layered with a blazer or paired together?

Once that is set, you are good to go, though the more colourful a blazer is the more fun you will have pairing it with other pieces.

When selecting the perfect blazer always be very careful not to choose a small blazer. You might confuse a small blazer for a fitting one.

It should not be too tight that your shoulders cannot move in it or you can barely button it.

Although ladies are lucky they can go with any arm length, because it can be considered fashionable, ensure that it is your size. Also, avoid going for extra-large coats that will drown you and hide your best features.

 The design and texture of a blazer will play heavily on how good you look (Image: Pinterest)

A blazer is in between a suit jacket and a hoodie. Meaning, it should be able to pass for official and casual events. Let your guide be what you are buying it for.

There are different kinds of blazers ranging from open front blazers, single breasted blazers, belted ones, the list is endless.

Always go for a blazer that resonates with your style and closet items. Also, long blazers are classier and versatile than the shorter boyfriend ones. This is in terms of versatility.

Are you looking for a linen blazer, cotton or the suit material fabric? Do you want it shiny or matte? Do you need one with metal studded elements or with embellished buttons like the army? The kind of texture you go for will determine the way you dress your blazer.

Although blazers are meant to match with all outfits, the kind of design you go for can either limit your outfit choices or broaden your matching game.

 The longer the blazer, the more you can play around with your pieces (Image: Pinterest)

They say the longer the blazer, the double the respect. You already know what I mean by this. Longer blazers are more eye catching, trendy and versatile. It will be easier for you to pair them to a tiny skirt, pencil trouser or palazzos.

Also did I mention how well they pair with crop tops? Yes, when buying a blazer, the length is very important.

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Sewage Menace in Pipeline, Residents Cry For Help




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By Milo George

Residents of Pipeline Transami area are decrying poor drainage system that has caused sewage water to overflow in their area of residence.

The residents claim that the overflowing sewage is not only putting their lives at risk but also causing air pollution.

They have called on Nairobi Metropolitan Services and Nairobi City Water and Sewage Company to come on board and expand the sewer lines before more areas are flooded with raw human wastes coming from the blocked pipes.
“We want Major Badi and our leaders to resolve this menace immediately. It’s terrible many have been forced to shift their businesses because of the foul smell,” they said.
Pastor Joe Ndivoh of Word Evangelistic Explosion Ministries says that they have been forced to call off the Sunday School Service to protect the children from the smelly sewage.
‘‘We now fear that if prompt action is not taken then we will have a bigger health problem than this because we fear there could be an outbreak of water-borne disease anytime,’’ Pastor Ndivoh added.

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