By Nigeria unions halt strike

Nigeria’s main labour unions on Sunday suspended a national strike and announced further talks with the government about raising the minimum wage.

The blue collar Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and its white collar counterpart the Trade Union Congress (TUC) launched the strike on Wednesday.

The unions have proposed a new monthly minimum wage of between $125 and $180 (45,000 and 65,000 naira) against the current 18,000 naira.

NLC president Ayuba Wabba told reporters an invitation had been received to resume talks with the government and private sector representatives on October 4 and 5.


“We demand that this shall be the final session of the committee and a final report will be submitted to Mr President immediately,” Mr Wabba said in Nigeria’s capital of Abuja.

“In order to avail the committee of the necessary conducive environment to hold this crucial meeting and conclude it’s work, organised labour has… decided to suspend the strike action with effect from today, Sunday September 30, 2018,” Mr Wabba said.

The state governments have raised concerns about their ability to pay any increased wage.

Most still owe their workers several months’ backpay, despite a huge cash bailout by the federal government.