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Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu’s allies on Saturday accused the Wiper party leadership of sponsoring political squabbles at the county assembly to derail her development agenda.

Minority Leader John Kisangau Mbaki said the party led by former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka was insincere over a working agreement reached with Governor Ngilu and were preaching unity by day and fomenting troubles by night.

Mr Kisangau, a member of Mrs Ngilu’s Narc party, said the constant political wrangling between the county assembly and the executive had been sanctioned by Wiper party leadership to frustrate the Governor from implementing her manifesto.

“We know there’s a secret hand manipulating the Wiper MCAs at the county assembly. Their actions against our Governor are in sync with what their counterparts at the national assembly are doing,” he said in an interview on Saturday.

He warned that Mrs Ngilu will not succumb to blackmail and intimidation by the Wiper MCAs and urged Mr Musyoka to come clean on whether he approves the combative approach being pursued by his troops.

“What are we supposed to conclude when the Wiper leader tells the MCAs to stop opposing the Governor’s programs and they do the exact opposite?” Mr Kisangau posed in apparent reference to the rejection of county supplementary budget and plans to impeach Finance CEC Mary Nguli.


During Mrs Ngilu’s inauguration in August last year, Mr Musyoka warned her that she was leading a minority government and must therefore pacify the Wiper MCAs for smooth implementation of her agenda.

The current squabbles are being traced to this assertion by Mr Musyoka but Wiper MCAs insist they are only playing their oversight role as enshrined in the constitution.

Majority leader Peter Kilonzo defended Mr Musyoka saying MCAs were not taking instructions from the Wiper party leader on how to conduct the assembly business.

Even though the two politicians have agreed to work together in developing the county, the slightest of misunderstandings is being interpreted as a renewal of their old political rivalry.

The assembly is headed by Speaker George Ndotto, best known for the twenty years he spent trying to unseat Mrs Ngilu as the MP for Kitui central and their long standing rivalry casts a large shadow in the county.

Mrs Ngilu’s camp believes that Wiper party are still upset with the fact that she defeated their candidate in the polls and they still harbour sour grapes.