Stay alert and report any suspicious activity around you, IG Joseph Boinnet has said hours after an IED explosion injured two people in the CBD.

It is critical that all citizens must step up their levels of alertness regarding their surroundings and provide information immediately to the Police in case anything out of the ordinary is observed,” Boinnet said.

In a tweet on Saturday night, Boinnet also asked hotel operators to obtain full details of their lodgers and restaurant operators.

“...you must also step up your levels of alertness and security in your establishments,” he said.

Boinnet further asked PSV operators to also monitor the behaviour of their passengers and be wary of persons who may board with luggage and attempt to alight without them.

Shopping mall operators, as well as ushers at all worship and educational institutions, were also asked to frisk all persons entering their premises.

“…. and promptly notify the police should they detect anything unusual for action,” Boinnet said.

The IG further instructed police commanders to apply to a court of law for forfeiture of any vehicle found with illegal immigrants and any form of contraband.


Two people were injured on Saturday night after a suspected IED went off outside Smothers Restaurant at the Tom Mboya – Latema Road intersection in Nairobi.

Nairobi regional police commander Philip Ndolo said a man of Somali descent had hired a trolley pusher to move a carton box from Latema road to Kenya Cinema when the explosion went off inside the luggage.

The device inside the box is suspected to have been an improvised explosive device, he said.

He gave the name of the trolley pusher as Joseph Okinyi.

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The incident comes in the wake of a terror attack at the upmarket DusitD2 complex on 14 Riverside Drive on January 15 that claimed 21 lives.

The Somali-based jihadi group al Shabaab claimed responsibility.

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