A city married woman has left many shocked after revealing that her husband asked her to dye her pubic hairs. Her husband’s weird fetish has ignited mixed reactions.

MY HUSBAND ASKED ME TO DYE MY vagina (pubic hair) grey. He said an elderly woman disvirgined him and he misses her. I’m happy he opened up to me about his past but will I have to dye it every week?’ she wrote to a relationship expert.

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Check out reactions

beth_adekunle Wow!? Is it even healthy to be dying your pubic hair??

farydah End time is here

adamawa_sweetheart Paint Rainbow so he doesn’t forget all the colours he have ever seen

_adesewa I thought I had seen it all ?????

anneoreoluwa Simple request. See a therapist as a family.

iam_bellz He’s got a fetish, he doesn’t miss any grandma


official.padd Red is the best

dashsupplies Plenty mad people. Abeg sister colour ur pussy for him. If he need it all the time then ask him to seek help.

tseyiofficial_ Angel Gabriel. Blow the trumpet pls !!!! ??

eva_ke Don’t do the ridiculous just to please him, especially when it is attached to his bad past, instead help him get over it, maybe by seeing a therapist, or going through counseling classes

xxinta Lmao…. shit that goes on in this world…Why is he stressing you , he would have married an elderly woman

iam_jessinta Your husband is a weirdo

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omobola_mariam You people are slowly becoming witches and wizards ????

seunlagos Where do all these mad people come from?

belisa_ann Oh lord help this generation

keniche Lol…. what’s happening to the people in this world? Albino pussy? ?‍♂️

charles_skye So lowkey he misses granny’s looking type of pussy? wow, just wow.

olanikeprecious jesus take the wheel! This world is not our own ?

stellaakinyi Madam I know you might not agree with me but your husband needs therapy

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