Kenyans on social media were of Friday divided in opinion after political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi said ODM party leader Raila Odinga is right on push for a referendum.

“On referendum, Raila is dead right. We ate a half-baked constitution. Now we are politically constipated. We must change “Katiba Mbichi”. What do you think?” Mutahi tweeted.

On Thursday, Raila maintained that Kenya will go to a referendum if it has to realise the goals of the Building Bridges initiative.

He said calls to change the constitution and the structure of government are tied to the peace initiative which followed the March 9 handshake.

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@Joekiash “We have to take home MCAs, Senators, Women Reps and most of the MPs, we have to reduce the number of Constituencies!”

“All Mcas, women reps, senators, all nominated politicians and useless commissions must be eliminated,” @johnkivisu said.

@Belive_Kinuthia said “Women rep kwanza….which country in the world have ” women rep” position in their constitution?”

“I support it only, if it seeks to do away with MCAs, Women reps, Senators, over 200mpigs, all nominated nothings, that I will vote yes to, but creating silly personal offices to sooth others egos no,” @_leteipa said.

@CheruhK said, “I will only support the referendum if it’s about reducing the number of mps, senators and do away with nominated positions.”

Last month, a Jubilee MP allied to Deputy President William Ruto proposed that the Senate be abolished and the positions of nominated MPs and MCAs scrapped.

If adopted, Caleb Kositany’s radical proposal would occasion a constitutional amendment through a referendum ahead of the 2022 polls.

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@stevemmutua said “The referendum I support is Punguza mzigo initiative, I have endorsed it.”

“When a government gets broke., it schemes all measures to achieve austerity … including drawing of draconian laws and constitutional amendments. We’ve tasted the fruits of devolution and for sure , “it’s bitter sweet”,” @Fred_daktari said.

He added, “Return the health sector to the national government.”

@JMKaharoGeneral said “Referendum that will reduce the wage bill by reducing the number of elective positions and do away with nominated leaders.”

“We have been duped before with the constitution. The public should be proposing what they want changed in the constitution but not a few strategic individuals,” @mainaleonard said.

@peter_kiriga said “We are not supposed in any way to change that which is not fully baked cos it will be a great loss..! We must plan how to correct, properly cook then serve a good suiting ration for everyone of us… Whoever is going this way can be right.”

“We need a constitution based on the needs of the people. Gender equality is not a need, women reps out, MPs from the same county should appoint one as the senator, county assemblies don’t need deputy speakers, majorities, all those useless posts taking our money,” @MutahiJoseph93 said.

The political class is split on Raila’s call for a referendum next year. Some politicians across the divide have supported the call while others have rejected it.

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