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President Yoweri Museveni’s government is better than Idi Amin and Milton Obote’s, Buganda Katikkiro (premier) Charles Peter Mayiga has said, but noted it would be wrong to compare them because they represent different eras.

“The truth is that in many ways, the NRM is far better than Amin and Obote. If one doesn’t know, he has not studied history,” Mr Mayiga told the Buganda Kingdom Lukiiko (Parliament) on Monday.

However, the premier said that in assessing the leadership of the National Resistance Movement, Ugandans should not compare it with the Obote and Amin regimes but rather with countries that were at the same development level about 50 years ago.

He said comparing the NRM with the past regimes would lead to the wrong conclusions.       

“When you want to make comparisons, compare with better people. Obote was a failure. We have to compare with better people, not Obote and Amin. Uganda must be compared to nations with which it matched economically (in the 1960s and 1970s) such as South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia or Vietnam [sic],” he said.

World Bank’s 2017 Gross Domestic Products for these nations were $531 trillion for South Korea, Singapore $323.9 billion, Malaysia $314.5 billion, Vietnam $223.9 billion and Uganda $25.89 billion.

Mr Mayiga said that despite its achievements, the NRM must do more to uplift the country’s standards.

“NRM still has a long way to go in fighting poverty among grassroots communities and in job creation,” he said, adding that when the economy is sound, the people will get jobs.


“NRM must improve education, its human rights record and fight crime,” he added.

Mr Mayiga reiterated Kabaka Mutebi’s end of year message which castigated corruption and called for the independence of anti-corruption units, adding they must have full powers.

“The Kabaka wants culpable individuals prosecuted,” he said.

The premier further asked the public to be wary of information published on social media platforms.

“They [some groups] are targeting those in high profile positions. People in high positions are being witch-hunted and blackmailed,” he said at the opening of the Lukiiko at Bulange, Mengo.

He regretted that allegations were raised against the victims of the MV Templar boat tragedy in Lake Victoria, an incident which left more than 20 people dead.

“Can you imagine some people went on social media and alleged that some people had gone to the boat to sacrifice others?”

Mr Mayiga also praised three youths – Mr Steven Katende, Ms Nakabuye Kasujja and Mr Basil Tasubi – who recently met the Queen of England for the Queens Young Leaders Awards.

“Youths who achieved accolades from Queen Elizabeth gave us pride; meeting the queen is not an easy thing,” he added.