A man stunned a Murang’a court after he pleaded guilty to causing a disturbance at a police station.

Gilbert Njoroge surrendered himself at Murang’a police station and demanded that he be arrested for no reason.

He was later charged with causing a disturbance at the station on January 26.

According to evidence tabled before Chief Magistrate Margaret Wachira by the prosecution, the accused went to the police station and demanded that he be locked up.

He, however, gave the police a reason to lock him up after he started shouting at the top of his voice while kicking chairs and tables at the station.

This commotion left the police with no option but to arrest him after their numerous attempts to calm him down failed.


In his defence, Njoroge told the court that he was under the influence of alcohol and pleaded for leniency from the court.

He was sentenced to serve three months in jail or pay a fine of Sh15,000.

Njoroge was further given 14 days to appeal if he was not content not with the ruling.

In the same court, a woman who is facing charges of being in possession of bhang was remanded after she failed to appear for her case hearing.

The accused, Lilian Wanjiku Ndembu, was supposed to present herself before the court on January 23 for case hearing but failed to do so.

The court issued a warrant of arrest and cancelled the bond that she was granted.

She will remain in custody until April 17, when her case will be heard.

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