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Maj-Gen Mugisha Muntu, former president of Uganda’s main opposition party Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), has announced that he is quitting to form another political party.

Muntu, who earlier lost the FDC presidency to Patrick Oboi Amuriat, made the announcement in a short Facebook post, saying more details will be shared on October 27.

The announcement, though widely expected, was received with mixed reactions from Ugandans on social media, with some saying it signals the end of the FDC, a party founded in 2004.

Dr Kizza Besigye, the leader, ran for the country’s presidency in three elections.


“Finally we have a party,” said an excited Ntengye Asiimwe, “we have been praying, I have been fasting, finally we have a party.”

Asiimwe recently quit the ruling National Resistance Movement and has been scouting for a political home.

“This man is not a radical… he is not weak, he is simply principled,” Asiimwe said of Maj-Gen Muntu.

But others dismissed the move as no big deal.

Muntu, who was once the army commander for nine years, contested and lost twice to Dr Besigye for the party’s ticket to run for president, but won the party presidency, serving one term.

Opponents within the FDC blamed him for weakening the party, largely because of his opposition to defiance as the major strategy over building of structures which he strongly advocated.