Schools in West Mugirango constituency are calling for the
area MP Vincent Kemosi to come in and assist in improving their poor state of

Three schools that were visited by the star among them Tente
Primary school, Riakimai Boarding Primary school and Riakimai day primary
school, are on very pathetic conditions whereby the management of the schools
are appealing to the Member of Parliament to come to their aid.

At Tente Primary school, the school has over 600 learners
whereby there are no enough latrines to be used by the learners whereas the few
latrines that are in the school are in poor conditions that has posed fear of
contacting infections to the learners especially young learners (ECDE pupils).

At the school also, the ECDE Learners do not have classes
where the school management decided to put up temporary structures to accommodate
the young learners to keep on with their studies.

The school head teacher Bethuel Mose said they have done
everything possible to reach to the area MP for help but in vain including
writing letters to the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) offices but in vain
whereby he has called for urgent help to the institution.

“We have tried to get help from the MP through his offices
but we have not succeeded, we are urging him to come to our rescue, since we
are lacking several things that can make learning continue in our school,” said

At Riakimai boarding Primary school, all did not seem to go
well as the conditions of the classes is worse also being a boarding school
that accommodates over 200 learners, the learners do not have enough latrines, whereby
the few that are in the school are in very poor conditions.


The learners use wooden latrines which may endanger their
lives when using them. The poorly constructed wooden latrines (for girls)
were the only option as a result of the latrines that sank sometimes back when
the area was experiencing heavy downpour.

Most of the building in the school is mud build whereby the
school head teacher also spends his nights in the mud walled room which serves
as his house in the institution.

Pupils in the school spend most of their lessons outside
where they put their desks under the trees that are outside the school as they
do not have enough classes.

The school head teacher Joseph Nyagwoka told the star that
the school is in a swampy place and when it rains the conditions worsen as the
roofs of classes leak and therefore give the learners difficulties in going on
with their studies.

“We have several challenges with our institution as we do
not have enough classes for our learners and the few classes we have are in
poor conditions. The latrines we are using are also dangerous to our learners
since most of them are almost full and we fear our learners may soon contact
infections,” he said.

When contacted, West Mugirango constituency MP Vincent
Kemosi said he will ensure the school have been assisted by the National
government CDF kitty.

“We have had challenges in our institutions and I am glad
that my office has received the information about the challenges that are
facing the schools, we will have them addressed as soon as possible so that the
learners in those institutions can continue learning like others in other
schools,” Kemosi told the star.

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