ANC Leader Musalia Mudavadi is in Taita to attend the burial of GSU officer who died fighting terrorists at the DusitD2 Hotel and office complex on January 15.

Japhet Nuru was among the 21 people who were killed during the attack.

He is the only member of uniformed forces who died during the siege.

Mudavadi and his wife Tessy decided to attend the burial to pay their tribute to the fallen hero who, together with many others, saved many including his son Michael.

The opposition leader praised the work done by fast responders and especially security forces in saving hundreds of lives.

“We can never find the right words to console those who placed their lives on the line as they sought to save others. They will always remain in your hearts and minds,” said Mudavadi.

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He told mourners at Kimala village how his own son hid behind a fireplace for two hours before he was rescued.

Mudavadi said to many people the word terrorism sounds far-fetched and distant until it hits closer home.

“Terrorism does not choose who to target. We must all collectively fight these people whose interest is to kill innocent people,” he added.

He said terrorism has taken different forms and faces.

” We must all remain alert because terrorism is just at your doorstep,” he stated.

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