It is no secret that there are celebrity men we look at and admire. Men want to be them and women want to be with them.

Now that we are on being honest, there are certain men on my list my boyfriend will have to excuse me in the case I cheat on him with them.

You know the likes of Idris Elba and Trey Songs because truth is, chances of us meeting are close to nil.

There are other women who have a list closer home and these male celebrities below could be top on their list based on social media comments.

Here they are, Mr Steal your girl. Go through and let us know what you think.

  1. Bernard Ndong

2. Zul Talaksi

3. Idris Sultan

4. Nick Mutuma

5. Mark Masai


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6. Biko Adema

7. Pascal Tokodi

8. Shaffie Weru

9. Ali Kiba

10. Diamond Platnumz

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