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The Mozambique government has repatriated 40 Malawi nationals in Manica Province nationals intent on sneaking into South Africa, media confirmed.

According to the O Pais newspaper, the illegal migrants were arrested at Machipanda border point in de Vandúzi District.

Manica Province is about 80km north of Maputo.

“The solution now is repatriation and authorities will work so that Mozambique stops to be a corridor for illegal migration.” the publication quoted Mr Jorge Machava, the Manica Province immigration services spokesman.


Both Mozambique and South Africa are members of the Southern African Development Community (SADC). South Africa is the largest economy and the most developed SADC state, hence attracting millions of people from troubled African countries, fleeing political and economic hardships back home.

South Africans resent the influx, accusing the migrants of taking their jobs.

Last year, Mozambique authorities deported at least 4,000 foreign nationals in a crackdown against illegal migration.

According to the southern African country’s authorities, Malawi nationals topped the list with 871 deportations, Zimbabweans with 744 and Tanzanians with 322.

Cabo Delgado and Tete provinces had the most influx.

Cabo Delgado Province, about 1,663km north of Maputo, boasts of minerals such as gold, grenadines, aquamarines, tourmalines, blue topaz and green tourmalines.